iClicker Bases Available for the Spring

DCS is announcing the launch of a pilot program to install iClicker bases in Digital Classroom Podiums for the spring 2014 semester. iClickers are a popular method of polling students in class. Typically, students are required to purchase or rent iClicker remotes. The instructor then receives a base station from iClicker which they bring to class and connect to their laptop. For the Spring 2014 semester, DCS is offering to remove this last step for instructors teaching in rooms with a Digital Classroom Podium. DCS will obtain a base station, install it in the podium, and connect it to the podium's Mac computer. Instructors can then simply bring the iClicker software to class on a thumb drive or access it off the web, rather than having to carry around a base station and a laptop.

If you currently have a base station and want to participate, give us your old base station. We will send it to iClicker so it can be re-purposed or recycled.

A few important reminders to consider:

  • DCS can install base stations in rooms equipped with a Digital Classroom Podium. To see if your room has a DCP, please view the classroom list on our DCP page.
  • This option is available for instructors who plan on using the podium's Mac computer in class. If you would prefer to present and poll students using your personal laptop, you will need to obtain your own base and bring it to class. You may use the podium Mac in class to control iClicker polling and your own Windows computer outside class to prepare, edit, and grade by following the instructions located at the bottom of this page.
  • As part of the pilot program, DCS only has a limited number of base stations available.
  • Please provide DCS with at least 48 hours notice, so we have time to properly install the base station.
  • Instructors will need to bring the iClicker software on a USB drive or access it off the web, so that the in-class results can be saved and viewed after class.
  • DCS does not supply iClicker remotes. Students can purchase these at Rutgers bookstores.
  • Because the base will be installed inside the podium, the display screen will not be viewable.

If you have any questions about DCS's pilot program or are interested in trying it out, please contact us. For more information and assistance using iClickers at Rutgers and integrating with Sakai, please visit the Office of Instructional & Research Technology's iClicker page.

 Instructions for Using iClicker on a Podium Mac and Personal Windows Computer

Instructors who would like to use the podium Mac to poll students using iClicker, but would also like to edit, preview, and grade iClicker polls outside class on a Windows computer will need to modify the folder containing the iClicker files used for class.

  1. Visit the iClicker software download page.
  2. Download both the Macintosh and Windows version of the latest iClicker software.
  3. Open the folder containing the Macintosh version (iClicker Mac) and copy the following files:  i>clicker.app, i>grader.app, and webupdate.app.
  4. Open the folder containing the Windows version (iClicker Win) and paste the copied files into the folder. They will replace the windows files of the same name.
  5. You will no longer need the Macintosh version. Simply save the modified Windows version to a USB stick and use this software in class to poll and to access grades and prepare polls outside class on a PC.

Please contact us for additional assistance.