How Do I Use the PC Podium?

The PC Podium, available in four DCS classrooms, allows instructors to present material using a built-in Windows computer or by connecting their own laptop or mobile device. Instructors using the podium computer may bring presentation material on a USB drive, a CD-rom, or access it off the Internet. The computer is also capable of playing DVDs and audio CDs. The PC Podium is includes a VGA cable. Faculty can connect VGA-capable devices - such as laptops, phones, or tablets - and project on to the pull down screen and speakers at the front of the room. Devices that do not have a VGA port may be connected by purchasing a VGA adapter. To use the podium, faculty first log with their Rutgers NetID using the keyboard and mouse provided. A podium controller will then appear from which the projector can be turned on, volume may be adjusted, and a laptop can be connected. For further information, please see the sections below.

Helpful Tools

For a step-by-step guide to using the PC Podium, please view the "How Do I Use the PC Podium" tutorial or the printable pamphlet below.

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The following classrooms are equipped with the PC Podium:

Allison Road Classrooms: 108, 110, 212, 333

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