Honoring Our Student Workers

At the end of every semester, DCS honors the hard work of all our Support Specialists at a special luncheon. We also recognize ten employees who have gone above and beyond in supporting our classrooms. Throughout the fall, our staff participate in the Tech Points Award Program, earning points based on the performance. At our luncheon, we pay special tribute to the top finishers from each team. Please join us in congratulating this year's winners and thanking them for their contributions to improving the Rutgers classroom experience.

Team Busch

1st Place: Paul Pacheco
2nd Place: Douglas Judice

Team College Ave

1st Place: Evan Finkelstein
2nd Place: Daniel Michelin

Team Cook/Douglass

1st Place: Jacob Goldfarb
2nd Place: Alex Smith

Team Help Desk

1st Place: Dylan Zimmerman
2nd Place: Brenda Li

Team Livingston

1st Place: Lynne Richman
2nd Place: Jonathan Flavien