Fall 2017 Tech Point Winners

Every semester, DCS recognizes our top Support Specialists through the Tech Point Awards Program. Support Specialists fill a variety of roles central to our daily operation. They open podiums and prepare them for classes. They respond to requests for help from faculty using DCS equipment. Support Specialists also perform daily tests of our equipment and fix technical issues. Throughout the semester, staff earn Tech Points for doing an especially good job identifying issues, fixing problems, supporting faculty, and more. The Specialists with the two highest points on each team win prizes for their hard work. This semester's winners are:

Team Busch

1st place:  Isaac Chang
2nd place:  Vivian Chen

Team College Ave.

1st place: Roger Sheng
2nd place: Alec Fray

Team Cook/Douglass

1st place: Faithe Gerol
2nd place: Abi Singaram

Team Help Desk

1st place:  Jack Deming
2nd place:  Chantelle Glowacki

Team Livingston

1st place:  Nick Galiatsatos
2nd place:  Angela Bozek