Fall 2016 Tech Point Winners

DCS's student workers are central to the daily support we provide faculty. Our Support Specialists test, clean, deliver, and unlock equipment so they are ready for use by Rutgers-NB faculty. When faculty need assistance, students are often the first to respond by fielding calls, remotely troubleshooting issues, and providing in-person assistance. Every semester we honor our Tech Point Winners, students who have gone above and beyond on the job. Congratulations to this year's winners!


1st Place: Vivian Chen
2nd Place: Isaac Chang

College Ave

1st Place: Najum Junaid
2nd Place: Roger Sheng


1st Place: Patrick Lundell
2nd Place: Faithe Gerol

Help Desk

1st Place: Lynne Richman
2nd Place: Jack Deming


1st Place: Andrew Lee
2nd Place: Jaimee Tiu