Engaging Students on Social Media

The latest edition of Rutgers Today highlights how one instructor is using social media and DCS technology to encourage class participation. Lauren Jimerson, an Art History Doctoral Candidate, enhances her Intro to Art History course in Voorhees Hall Room 105 by projecting a live twitter feed containing comments and questions from students. Using Tweetwally, she embeds the feed within her PowerPoint slides, placing the discussion alongside the presentation. To learn more, view Rutgers Today's video.

Andy Egan, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies with the Department of Philosophy, has also used Twitter to encourage his students to participate. Teaching in one of DCS's dual projection rooms, Scott Hall Room 135, he presented a documentary on one screen, while projecting the Twitter feed on another. You can learn more about using Twitter, as well as other tech tools geared towards increasing participation, at our Faculty Showcase. If you are an instructor interested in using DCS technology to encourage in-class participation, contact our office. We can help you get started.