DCS’s Spring 2013 Tech Point Winners

DCS relies on over forty Support Specialists to perform some of the most central services provided by our department. Support Specialists - most of whom are students - unlock classroom systems, test and clean equipment, deliver portable technology, help build new podiums, and provide in-class support to instructors. Every semester, DCS conducts a Tech Points Awards program to acknowledge the great work of our Support Specialists. This semester, we honored the top two finishers from each Support Specialist team. Congratulations to our winners:

Team Busch

1st Place:  Matthew Luen
2nd Place:  Evany Chang

Team College Ave

1st Place:  Adam Martin
2nd Place:  Roger Sheng

Team Cook/Douglass

1st Place:  Andrew Saad
2nd Place:  Melanie Crisfield

Team Livingston

1st Place:  Kay Ashley Manuel
2nd Place:  Rahdley Hao

Team Help Desk

1st Place:  Stephanie Van Huss
2nd Place:  Kelly Barton