DCS Hits the Road

The Consortium of College & University Media Center's Conference had a scarlet tint to it this year and not just because of the changing leaves in its Hudson Valley setting.  Rutgers-NB's most cutting-edge learning spaces were featured in the day's sessions.  Tim Van Woeart, Matt Wilk, and Dave Wyrtzen made the trip to Poughkeepsie, New York to discuss one of our boldest initiatives, the Immersive Synchronous Lecture Halls that connect Cook/Douglass and Busch campuses. Attendees learned about how Rutgers-NB is working to improve the student experience by bringing classes to students so they do not have to board a bus. The talk highlighted the project goals, the design process, the technical underpinnings of an immersive experience, and what we have learned about being a student in these spaces.  To learn more about these unique spaces, visit the Immersive Synchronous Lecture Halls page.